Remuneration and benefits

Our approach

ANZ aims to provide market competitive pay and rewards to attract, motivate and retain the highest quality, best connected and most respected people for our team. Our remuneration and benefits are structured to reward people for their individual and collective contribution to our success, for demonstrating our values in their actions and decisions, and for creating and enhancing value for all ANZ stakeholders.

The Human Resources Committee of the ANZ Board reviews annual performance and remuneration outcomes to ensure there is no unconscious or systemic bias (for example in relation to gender) in related processes and outcomes. 

Key elements

Fixed remuneration

Employee pay generally comprises cash salary, a superannuation contribution and the remainder as nominated benefits. Fixed remuneration is reviewed annually based on individual performance and market data.

Short-term incentives

A large proportion of ANZ employees are also eligible to participate in ANZ's main short-term incentive program whereby performance is assessed against a balanced scorecard of performance objectives consistent with ANZ's strategy. To help build a high performing team, rewards are significantly differentiated for our strongest performers. ANZ’s company performance also impacts individual payments.

Long-term incentives

Long term incentives are awarded to senior executives and to recognise talent and high potential employees. These incentives are allocated as ANZ deferred equity (at the discretion of the Board) and deferred for three years, supporting the alignment of the interests of employees with shareholders.


We have a range of benefits available to employees which are generally aligned to market practice within each geography where ANZ operates. For example, current benefits for eligible employees in Australia include:


ANZ’s philosophy is to recognise and reward great performance and ensure that our people have a financial stake in the success of our business. The Employee Share Offer is a global benefit (excluding senior executives) which recognises our employees’ contribution to ANZ’s performance by giving eligible employee up to AUD 1,000 worth of shares at no cost. Eligibility criteria include individual performance and length of service. Offers are decided by the ANZ Board each year based on ANZ’s performance.

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