How we assess your credit card application

On this page, we will cover the steps ANZ takes when we assess a new credit card application and what you can do if your application doesn't get approved.

How does ANZ assess credit card applications?

To qualify for a new credit card account (or a credit limit increase on an existing account), your application needs to meet certain criteria, including the following:

  • You need to have a good credit rating.
  • We determine that the proposed credit contract or credit limit increase is not unsuitable for you. As part of our responsible lending obligations, we need to make inquiries into your requirements, objectives and financial situation and verify your financial situation to assess whether you are able to service the proposed credit limit or credit limit increase without falling into substantial hardship.
Why was my application for a new credit card declined?

Some common reasons why we decline some credit card applications include;

  • You didn't provide us with the required documentation. In order to assess your application, we need relevant documents to verify your income and identity. These documents may include your pay slips and identity documents such as your drivers license. During the application process, we will let you know which documents we need from you (and how to send them to us).
  • Your financial position didn't qualify you for the credit limit, credit limit increase or credit card you applied for. This may be determined by your income (e.g. wages, rental income), expenses (e.g. existing loan commitments, living costs) and your ability to afford the product you applied for. We may also look at your lending history with ANZ. Your citizenship or residency status may also mean different credit criteria applies.
  • Your age did not qualify you. To be able to get a credit card, you need to be 18 or older.
  • Your credit history did not qualify you. If you've got a history of outstanding or overdue debts, this could disqualify you from being offered a credit card account with ANZ. To help reduce the risk of your credit history affecting your credit card application, try to repay your debts on time and ensure you are not behind on any regular payments (e.g. phone bills, mortgages, etc.) when you make an application.

When assessing your credit card application, we use a range of different information including the information you provide us as well as information provided by external Credit Rating Agencies.

My application was declined. Am I able to find out why?

If you want to have a general discussion about your application, please call 1800 076 113.

My application was declined. How can I improve my chances of approval in the future?

In addition to the documents that we may request from you, we may also look at your transactional and saving history with ANZ (if you are an existing customer). Therefore, you may want to consider opening an everyday and/or savings accounts and have your regular savings and income deposited into these accounts.

While doing this will not guarantee credit approval in the future it does help us form a better understanding of your ability to service any potential future lending with ANZ.

If you would like more information on ANZ's transaction and savings accounts, call 13 13 14 or book a complimentary A-Z Review® - Our Personal Bankers are also available to help you choose which products are right for you.

Any advice does not take into account your personal needs or financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends that you read the Terms and Conditions and Financial Services Guide (PDF 512kB) or by calling
13 13 14, before deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, the product.

How does ANZ find out about my credit and financial history?

ANZ works with various credit rating agencies that help us get an idea of your credit history. A credit agency is an accredited organisation that can research your financial history to identify previous applications or overly late payments. They are professionally run and managed, and they do not share your information with any party that you haven't authorised.

Common credit rating agencies include:

I did not know ANZ would access my credit history.

When you apply for a new ANZ credit card account, ANZ provides you with notice that we may disclose your personal information to credit reporting agencies to access your credit history. This was part of the privacy statement that you agreed to when you completed your application. Within this statement, we explain how we collect and use your personal information.

You can find out more at

How can I see my credit report?

You can request a copy of your credit information file from a credit reporting agency at any time.

In addition, if you receive a decline letter from us stating that your application was declined wholly or in part due to information in your credit report, we will advise you which credit reporting agency we used to help us make the decision.

You can then request a copy of your credit information file from the credit reporting agency mentioned in the decline letter you receive.

Ordering your credit information is entirely your decision and ANZ will not reimburse you for any associated costs for doing so. We also do not accept any credit reports that you personally order to assess any credit application.

What is included in my credit report?

Some common information found on your credit file may include:

  • Identity details
  • Credit application history (any loans you applied for)
  • Problems meeting repayments (such as defaults and judgments)
  • The date an account was opened
  • The type of account, the credit provider and credit limit
  • The date an account was closed, and
  • The repayment history on the account.
Can I dispute an entry in my credit report?

If you have sighted your credit report and there is an entry you believe to be inaccurate or incorrect, you may contact the relevant credit reporting agency or ANZ (on 13 13 14) to request that it be corrected.

I was not offered the credit limit I applied for?

For all credit applications (including credit limit increases), we make inquiries into your requirements, objectives and financial situation, verify your financial situation, review your credit history and credit report and consider any other information you provide to us. Taking all these factors into consideration, we will offer you a limit based on our assessment outcome and capacity to repay the credit limit or credit limit increase.

I was recently approved for a Mortgage. Why was my Credit Card application still declined?

If you have recently approved for a Mortgage with ANZ and have had your Credit Card application declined, please call us on
1800 076 113.

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