Our approach and performance

Investing in the environment

We are committed to developing business solutions and high-quality, trusted advice to assist our customers in reducing their impact on the environment. Our approach is informed by research and by our understanding of the key sectors impacted by environmental issues. This enables us to work with our customers to anticipate and respond to industry trends.

We have set a target to implement financial products and services to assist customers to transition toward a lower carbon economy and to increase the proportion of project finance lending to the renewable energy and gas sectors.

Investing in sustainable projects

ANZ's Specialised Finance team in conjunction with relationship support from Utilities & Infrastructure, has worked with leading renewable energy companies to arrange finance for developments across Australia and offshore, including:

  • power generation plants utilising waste fuels (eg landfill gas) that would otherwise cause disposal and emission problem;
  • geothermal power projects in New Zealand;
  • water supply/treatment in Sri Lanka;
  • solar power projects in Australia; and
  • hydroelectric plants in Laos.
Case study: Supporting growth in renewable energy in Australia

ANZ was the lead financier of Australia’s largest photovoltaic (PV) solar facility, built in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and commissioned in September 2014. The 20 megawatt capacity facility has approximately 81,600 PV modules installed over a land area of approximately 50 hectares (roughly equivalent to 70 football fields) and is the first large scale solar farm to be connected to the national electricity grid. Around 4,400 homes will be powered by Royalla and it will contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions of around 560,000 tonnes over 20 years.

Prior to the transaction proceeding, it was assessed in accordance with the Equator Principles and against our Energy Policy. An independent technical due diligence, and our own social and environmental risk screening tools, were utilised to ensure that appropriate environmental management plans were in place.

As a result of our experience in the renewables sector, we were well aware of the resource assessments required for this project – for example, the amount of sunlight required to operate at capacity, potential revenue generated, relevant operational risks and the opportunities and challenges posed by relevant regulatory settings.

We assisted our customer to negotiate and finalise the terms of the solar feed-in tariff with the ACT Government to ensure the project would be viable.

Case study: Enabling fresh water supply in Sri Lanka

ANZ has acted as sole arranger and lender of financing of Outotec Limited’s contract in Sri Lanka to install a new water treatment and distribution system.

Outotec is a world-wide technology leader in minerals and metals processing, providing innovative and environmentally sound solutions and services.

The project aims to address significant water quality and scarcity issues in the Ampara District, caused by irrigation intensive farming practices and water pollution. It will also provide previously un-served and growing communities with quality piped drinking water.

Carbon Trading

ANZ is one of the leading banks in the provision of risk management products for carbon markets.


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