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November 2012 - We live in your world

November 2012 - We live in your world

Supporting rural and regional communities

Supporting rural and regional communities

The Seeds of Renewal program, funded by ANZ and administered by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), has released its funding program to support Australian regional and rural communities.

Tania Motton, General Manager, Regional Business Banking, said: “ANZ has a long history of supporting people living and working in regional Australia, and through programs like Seeds of Renewal, we’re helping local communities to implement local solutions.”

Programs receive up to $10,000 funding, and include:
• Education, training and mentoring programs (for disengaged youth, indigenous communities, and children with a disability)
• Technology and computers (for schools, early education and community centres)
• Social enterprises (for remote communities, unemployed youth)

“We’ve provided over $3 million in grants to 635 community projects across regional Australia since Seeds began.” said Tania.

“We’re proud of the achievements this program has been able to bring about – from helping students with online learning by granting money for laptops, to helping establish training programs for unemployed youth, and regional communities are seeing real change as a result of the continued investment.” said Tania.

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