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November 2012 - We live in your world

November 2012 - We live in your world

Maori and Pacific Islander partnership
Kerri Thompson, MoneyMinded student Feyine Kabato and the MP for Tamaki, Simon O'Connor

Maori and Pacific Islander partnership

South Auckland Maori and Pacific islander students have become the first graduates of a pilot financial education program.

MoneyMinded is our flagship adult financial education program that helps people from disadvantaged groups improve their money management skills, knowledge and confidence.

Kerri Thompson, NZ Managing Director of Retail, along with Simon O’Connor MP for Tamaki, presented each student with a certificate and congratulated them on their achievement. “It’s important that people are able to manage their finances and understand the options available to them. The pilot program was a real success with students walking away with genuine understanding of financial basics.” said Kerri.

Solomon Group, a training organisation that provides literacy training to social security beneficiaries and migrants, is working with us to deliver the pilot program. Solomon’s Director of Curriculum, Judy Solomon, commented “We needed a financial management program that could help people change attitudes and habits around money.”

Judy says the MoneyMinded course has been life-changing for the students. “They feel so empowered now, and it’s been amazing to watch. They talk to each other and find out new ways to understand and help manage their finances.” she said.

One participant commented: “Before I started the MoneyMinded course, every week after my pay day I would have no money left.  But realising how much I spend on unnecessary things and with the help of my spending diary, I stopped my spending leaks and now I always have money in my account. Even after my payday.”

The pilot will be evaluated and MoneyMinded resources tailored further to New Zealand needs. A targeted program for New Zealand is an important element of our plan to reach a further 200,000 people through MoneyMinded over the next five years.

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