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November 2012: We live in your world

November 2012 - We live in your world

November 2012: We live in your world

Social and environmental policies guide decision making

Our most significant impacts are indirect through the industries that we finance. Our sensitive sector policies guide our lending practices and they are regularly reviewed to ensure their relevance and alignment with good practice internationally. In our 2012 review we identified the need for a Hydroelectric Power policy

Our new global Hydroelectric Power policy establishes parameters for our decision-making about clients, specific transactions and clients’ approaches to managing their social and environmental impacts. The policy aims to guide our staff in supporting our customers through the sometimes challenging issues associated with hydroelectric power generation. It highlights the need to ensure water quality and a commitment to working with communities that may be impacted by infrastructure development.

In addition to the Hydroelectric Power policy, we have “sensitive sector” policies for Energy; Extractive Industries; Forests and Forestry; and Water.

We also upgraded our "People and Communities: ANZ's approach to Human Rights" statement. The statement now reflects the release of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as well as explicitly stating our support for the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights through our membership of the UN Global Compact.

Our approach to responsible business growth is one of the factors leading to our being ranked first in the banking sector in the 2012 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

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