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We live in your world - July 2011

We live in your world - July 2011

Taking account of human rights in our lending

Taking account of human rights in our lending

We have integrated our human rights standards into a new mandatory training program developed to help business banking staff take greater account of social and environmental risks and opportunities.

Staff who complete the program – those responsible for making business lending decisions - learn about social and environmental risk analysis and how our responsible lending policies, including our human rights standards, should guide lending decisions.

Singapore CEO and Head of Institutional, Vishnu Shahaney, said, “We know that we can have an indirect impact on society and the environment through the actions of our customers. The training helps our staff to build their understanding of potential human rights questions and social and environmental risks.”

“Our aim is to ensure we do not become associated with or inadvertently support human rights violations through the customers or projects we support.  In practice, this involves stringently assessing and screening existing and new clients for social, environmental and reputation risk, and providing staff with ongoing training and access to policies and standards to help them mitigate risk,” Vishnu said.

The program uses practical scenarios and industry examples to help staff refresh and enhance their understanding of human rights, uphold their responsibilities to our standards and be clear about how to discuss with clients potential human rights challenges.

More than 2000 of our business banking staff are on track to complete the course by the end of next month.

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