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We live in your world - October 2010

We live in your world - October 2010

Supporting sustainable development in China

Supporting sustainable development in China

A leadership forum at the Shanghai Expo brought together clients, government officials and community representatives to explore the economic, social and environmental challenges and opportunities associated with China’s rapid modernisation.

Mr Miao Yan Min, Deputy Division Chief, Policy Research Division of WTO Department, Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), outlined the Chinese Government’s key social and environmental policies. He also explained the role responsible corporations can play in achieving the Government’s vision for sustainable economic and social development. MOFCOM reports directly to the State Council and is responsible for foreign and internal trade.

Mr Miao highlighted the challenges the country faces while it is developing so rapidly.

“Developed countries began to discuss corporate responsibility after they fully reached industrialisation. But China has to consider CR and industrialisation at the same time. We have no experience to borrow in such a big task in which we have to achieve modernisation and social welfare simultaneously.”

We described our approach to CR and how structured, focused dialogue with a range of stakeholders over a number of years has helped inform and shape our strategy and improve flexibility and responsiveness to business and community issues.

Presenting global and China-specific research on social expectations of business, Chris Coulter of Globescan highlighted that consumer expectations between developed and developing nations are converging, and responsible and ethical behaviour is becoming an increasingly strong influencer in purchasing decisions.

Aron Cramer of Business for Social Responsibility reinforced that companies can be more successful when they listen to the communities that are so central to their development and prosperity.

More than 70 participants attended the ‘Better Business, Better Lives – Embracing Corporate Responsibility’ forum, which was held as part of a program of events at Expo where ANZ is a platinum sponsor of the Australian pavilion.

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