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Corporate Responsibility March 2010

Corporate Responsibility March 2010

Nationwide roll-out of Saver Plus underway

Nation-wide rollout of Saver Plus underway

Expansion of our Saver Plus matched savings and financial literacy program continues to more metropolitan and regional centres as part of the nationwide roll-out made possible by $13.5m in funding from the Australian Government.

One of our local community partners is Loddon Mallee Housing Services which provides affordable accommodation and basic living services for low-income and homeless people in the Mallee region of Victoria. They’ve also been delivering Saver Plus in Mildura for the past three years and will establish two further programs in Bendigo and the Central Goldfields in 2010.

Since 2006 more than 170 people have attended Saver Plus workshops in and around Mildura, together saving more than $160,000 and using their savings to pay for educational items like school uniforms, text books and home computers.

Janice Peake, who runs the program in Mildura for Loddon Mallee Housing Services, said Saver Plus continues to improve the lives of people living in Mildura.

“For many participants Saver Plus demonstrates that they can take control of their finances and start planning for the future,” Ms Peake said.

“The experience often opens up other life opportunities and the benefits just keep on building.”

CEO Mike Smith visited Mildura to hear first hand from Saver Plus participants and program workers about the challenges and opportunities in learning to save and improving money management skills.

“You can see how Saver Plus is helping people improve their lives. Often those involved are setting financial goals for the first time. There is a real sense of achievement when those goals are achieved,” said Mike.

Nationwide, the Government funding will allow the program to be delivered from up to 60 sites across Australia, reaching 7,600 people by 2011. Local program launches will be happening in many new locations over the coming weeks.

Saver Plus is an initiative of Brotherhood of St Laurence and ANZ, delivered in partnership with Berry Street, The Benevolent Society and The Smith Family and other local community agencies.

How Saver Plus works

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