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We live in your world - August 2010

We live in your world - August 2010

Funding for new health clinics in Liangping

Funding for new health clinics in Liangping

Two village health clinics will be built by the Red Cross in rural China using disaster relief and recovery funding from ANZ.

Liangping County is the site of our first rural bank in China.  In early May, the community was hit by a tornado – the first since records began - which struck South Western China. The tornado inflicted enormous damage to homes, crops and infrastructure across the County and tragically resulted in the death of six people.

President of Chongqing Liangping ANZ Rural Bank, Patrick Zhu, said ANZ’s donation of RMB180,025 (approximately A$33,000) to the Red Cross will help Liangping on the path to recovery following the disaster, with construction of the clinics underway now and due to be completed by the end of the year.

“The destruction and loss of life caused by the tornado was devastating for the Liangping community, but the people here are strong and resilient and their focus now is on re-building their lives,” Patrick said.

“The clinics we are funding will help improve the livelihoods of locals, increasing access to medical care for people in Hui Long Village and Shuang Long Village both located in Hui Long Town, which was the worst hit area of the disaster,” he said.

Last year, ANZ opened the Chongqing Liangping ANZ Rural Bank in Liangping County becoming the first Australian bank, and one of the first international banks, to enter China’s rural market.

“We’ve also undertaken a year-long initiative to assist the local pomelo industry – a major driver of the local economy. Around 2,000 farmers have participated in this program which provides specialist advice on agricultural and marketing techniques to help create a sustainable and thriving local industry,” Patrick said.

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