Tareq Muhmood, MD Global Diversified Industries, Singapore

Tareq finds remote working (for him - being on the road, visiting clients, sitting in a café, other ANZ locations, or having a leadership team that is based in different locations) is more effective and productive than static office working. He also believes it enables better work-life balance, and is therefore more engaging. He encouraged his team to work in this way. His leadership team created an ‘EXCO’ group on 'whatsapp' to stay connected and keep abreast of team whereabouts. He intends to apply a similar ethos to his new role as Managing Director, Global Diversified Industries.

Michelle Taylor, Manager, Enterprise Talent & Culture works from home 1 day per week.

“Following the parental leave I took for my first child I returned to work 3 days a week, working one of these days from home. From a work perspective this is great - I am able to organise most of my meetings on my two 'in office' days and use my work from home day to really knuckle down and produce some quality work. I definitely find I am more productive on this day as there are minimal distractions and a quiet atmosphere; I lock myself in my study - allowing me to reflect and think more strategically.

ANZs teleconference and ANZ Connect systems work fantastically for me and ensure I can communicate effectively with my manager, internal customers and colleagues - just as if I am physically in the office.

From a personal perspective this arrangement is also brilliant. My son is cared for by his grandparents on this day, so I don't have to worry about childcare or being late in to work. While it is fantastic to have a stress free morning, working from home also allows me to feed and bath my son after I have logged off for the day and get to spend some quality time with him before he goes to bed.

Working from home requires self discipline, a supportive manager and colleagues. Having these arrangements in place allows me to be more productive and manage my work/life balance.”

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