Jason Ernest, a Branch Manager, talks about how flexible work arrangements benefit his team and their customers.

"At our branch we have agreed flexible working hours across the team. I have worked with each of my team members to determine suitable work arrangements to meet their personal needs. In addition, on busier days we have rosters to meet customer demands, including late work days to allow for processing customer requests up to 5.30pm.

I manage a very culturally diverse team with Japanese, Korean and Chinese staff, and as such we have a diverse customer base which requires us to be flexible to meet their needs as well as our local customers.We work as a team to ensure that we know the events that can impact or are important to our customers and ensure we support them by ensuring we are resourced in the best way.Our customers enjoy coming into the branch and know what to expect. 

It takes a little work to set up this arrangement initially, but the benefits far outweigh the initial work. 

Customer service and productivity have improved and the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed.

It has really brought the team together as we all work to help one another.

As the industry is forever changing, we need to allow employees to work flexibly or we will have difficulty engaging and retaining our valued employees."


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