Jamie Hall & Etty Jackson, Technology MIS Analysts, UDC Business, NZ

Jamie and Etty job share; Jamie works 2 days and Etty works the remaining 3 days. Job Share enables Jamie to pursue a degree whilst earning an income. He can progress his career while studying, and the work experience he gains combined with the skills from university increases his value to ANZ. Etty enjoys the arrangement as it allows her to balance work with her family commitments, and as a result she feels focused and productive at work. They both believe the key to their successful arrangement is excellent communication, stakeholder management and handover practices. Their manager believes ANZ benefits from the arrangement by having two differing (but complementary) skill-sets and experiences on the job.

Marianne Cushway, National BBM Credit Coach, job shares with another colleague.

"Job sharing and doing 25 hours per week has allowed me to be an active, involved parent. The Bank has my undivided attention on the days that I work and I know that I can plan with certainty the days I am not. 

My children enjoy me taking them to and from school on my days off and I’m able to be involved in their school activities. The biggest hurdle was getting started and I was fortunate to have the support of my manager.

This opportunity has allowed me to use the skills acquired over many years in the bank and still be an actively involved parent."

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