Meg Bonighton, General Manager Specialist Channels, works flexible hours to have a half day off a week.

“Like most of our roles these days, my role as leader of specialist channels is highly connected, interacting with all sorts of groups and businesses throughout the week.I work 4.5 days a week, and in reality each week will look slightly different. I mix working from home and in the office, as well as various travel commitments to ensure I am the most productive and accessible as I can be - for my stakeholders and my family.

Because the calendar can look quite different week on week, I need to be very organised. This year I had the dual changes of my first daughter starting school, and me starting a new job. It’s fair say I underestimated the change in ‘operating rhythm’, so I’ve now invested the time to set myself up well for our new pattern. It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting closer each day!

I find every hour at home is worth 2 hours at the office, particularly in terms of that real thinking time.I’m getting better at putting aside time each week to work from an alternative location – whether that’s home or another environment altogether. I utilise this time for reviewing papers, developing proposals and all important planning.When I'm in the office I'm continually in meetings and connecting with my team, peers and my boss - enabling me to give them complete focus.

To make flexibility work effectively in a role like mine you have to be; disciplined, very well organised, flexible for the organisation and accessible.The advantages of this kind of arrangement though, make it all worthwhile."

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