Jim Nemeth, Group GM Tax, Australia

Jim is a single full-time parent with a son who has an intellectual disability. While he has excellent support from a carer as well as school, the challenges and demands can be difficult to predict, so he needs a certain amount of flexibility to adequately care for his son. Most of the time Jim can work normal hours, but he has an informal flexibility arrangement that allows him to deal with the unexpected and is fully supported by his line manager. In nearly two years at ANZ this has always allowed Jim to fully meet his responsibilities to ANZ and his son.

Christine Linden, Head of Small Business Banking, Victoria & Tasmania

Eight years ago Christine’s husband suffered a brain injury in a horrific bike accident. He is recovering and now learning to walk, but still needs 24/7 care. Christine took six months off when the accident happened; then returned to ANZ working flexibly across the week, balancing the need for time in the office, time out with her teams in the market and time at home. Christine is a great example of how you can balance flexible work and still take on challenging roles: she has been promoted several times and now leads a team of 180 people servicing 150,000 customers – all achieved while working flexible hours and accessing ANZ's additional 4 weeks of annual leave to help support her husband’s recovery.

Vanessa Lapeyre, Associate Marketing Director in International and Institutional Banking, works 4 days a week.

"If I didn't have flexibility in my job, I would not be able to work," says Vanessa – who works 3 days from the office and 1 from home.

Vanessa has a 10 year old son who has Autism.This is a medical condition which can be debilitating, requiring a high degree of intervention and support from skilled professionals.

Vanessa explains why flexibility is important to her; "In the first few year's of Jordan's diagnosis, I spent a lot of time on the road driving him from one appointment to another.Without the great support and understanding of my senior management team, I would have had to resign.Being able to work flexible days and times to accommodate these specialist appointments, allows me to meet my work commitments and also ensures that my son continues to receive the help he so desperately needs."

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