Vanessa Lapeyre is a Senior Commercialisation Manager in Global Transaction Banking and works 4 days a week.

"If I didn't have flexibility in my job, I would not be able to work," says Vanessa – who works 3 days from the office and 1 from home.

Vanessa has a 10 year old son who has Autism.This is a medical condition which can be debilitating, requiring a high degree of intervention and support from skilled professionals.

Vanessa explains why flexibility is important to her; "In the first few year's of Jordan's diagnosis, I spent a lot of time on the road driving him from one appointment to another.Without the great support and understanding of my senior management team, I would have had to resign.Being able to work flexible days and times to accommodate these specialist appointments, allows me to meet my work commitments and also ensures that my son continues to receive the help he so desperately needs."

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