Emma Hathaway, a Relationship Manager, shares how involvement and success are keys to a satisfying career.

Very early in my career, I received some basic but very important advice: Be good at your job and be involved. As a Relationship Manager at ANZ, I have found that these two things are very closely related.

I have been with ANZ for four years. Along the way, I have been exposed to an array of scenarios, funding proposals and mentors. Each experience has fundamentally shaped who I am professionally. Sometimes it's tempting to get tunnel vision and only want to pursue the next big responsibility, but by really getting involved in my work, and developing skills, I've broadened the options available to me. I'm surrounded by talented colleagues and mentors. Every day I learn something new. I feel I'm naturally inquisitive so ANZ is a great place for me. I never stop asking questions; ANZ never stops teaching me.

Getting involved means more than just working hard professionally, it also means giving back to the community, which is something ANZ supports 100%. As the Queensland representative on the National Staff Foundation Board, I have seen firsthand the community grants ANZ donates to worthy causes. I'm also a committee member on the Queensland Women's Network, which has allowed me the opportunity to speak personally with successful female public figures and ANZ executives.Being a part of an organization that makes such a commitment to personal growth and community action is important to me. ANZ has so many opportunities for success and mentors to learn from, but the caring and open atmosphere is really what defines the culture of the bank.

ANZ gives me the tools to be better at my job and the motivation to get involved. This is the key to not only having a successful career, but also to have a satisfying one.

Jason Luo's technology work as an IT officer draws on many disciplines and cultures.

After I graduated from college in Chengdu, I spent a few years working in different network and technical support roles in the public and financial sectors. In 2010, I came to the ANZ Chengdu Hub to take the role of IT Officer.

When I joined ANZ, I knew that the bank would give me a greater and more rewarding challenge than I had experienced in the past. Immediately, I saw that our ANZ Chengdu hub offers many opportunities to work beyond one's specialty and expand one's experience. For me, this meant that I could go beyond my specialist technology background, and learn about business and operations as well. ANZ's multidisciplinary philosophy has helped prepare me for future challenges and career goals.

Even beyond giving me the opportunity to learn and master new skills, ANZ also maintains a strongly connected international operation; for instance, I can contact India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the Philippines to get support when I need it. This coordination makes my job more fulfilling, and I can be more effective in carrying out my responsibilities.

Another philosophy which motivates me is the ANZ focus on integrity-doing what's right. I love that I work for a bank that supp orts the community by giving us the opportunity to help children in our area eat properly and receive a good education. This attitude really reflects the overall spirit of ANZ. I can be true to myself, and get satisfaction both professionally and personally.

Suparna Bhattacharya, an Associate Manager, shares how challenges can make for the most rewarding experiences.

I started my career at ANZ in 2006 as an Analyst. In 2008, I took the role of Production Lead with an Australian Operations process and in 2009, I was promoted to Team Lead with New Zealand Operations, which is the role I hold today.

My decision to accept the Team Lead role was not an easy one. At the time, I was embarking on a new phase in my personal life: marriage. Accepting this position involved dealing with different time zones I could stay where I was or I could challenge myself and do more for myself personally and for my career. It was an important choice and I've never looked back.

ANZ is a challenging environment, but this is what makes the bank so special. It's a place where there are so many opportunities to discover new challenges, but it's also a place where everywhere you look, you can always find support from colleagues and managers to help you succeed. For instance, my Line Manager has always been there for me to clearly establish my project objectives. We've also had frank discussions about my career goals-something which is enormously important to me personally.

Overall, what I have learned at ANZ is embedded in its overall culture. It has been important for me to ask a lot of questions and learn as much as I can from my colleagues. There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual-assistance here. This environment has really been the key to my success so far.

Luong Phuong Mai, a Relationship Manager, talks about career growth and community at ANZ.

"I knew that ANZ would provide me with a challenging, yet rewarding experience in a well-respected organisation and an international working environment, so I joined the ANZ Fresh Graduate Program in 2007, starting as an Assistant Relationship Manager. Since then, I have been promoted to Relationship Manager. I now work on the Japan desk with MNC's, having worked with state-owned enterprises and across diverse products, which has enabled me to develop my knowledge in the relationship banking space.

One of the things that has motivated throughout my career has been the humanity and supporting culture of ANZ. My goal is to be a senior banker in the future, and ANZ has supported me every step of the way. My line managers and colleagues give me so many opportunities to learn and improve my skills from their examples.

I also see 'accountability' as a value that ANZ promotes with its employees. I admit that I have made mistakes throughout the learning and growth process, but ANZ has taught me that with accountability, I can take responsibility for my work, address challenges and move on.This isn't just a philosophy I apply to my work; it's something I aspire to in life in general.

What's more, the ANZ community atmosphere goes beyond the workplace into helping our neighbours. In Vietnam, we are involved in more and more social and charity activities such as delivering necessities to children and partnerships with local organisations to provide education opportunities for those in need. I think this is what makes ANZ so different from the rest. Every employee has the opportunity to contribute toward a better community, and make a real difference."