How is the ANZ program different?

Our program is built around several key pillars:

A broad range of experiences - By giving you experience across multiple rotations, we can help you find what you truly love. We'll help you learn things you never thought you would.

Constant support - Guiding you during your graduate journey is critical. Throughout the program, you'll receive feedback, support and clear direction from a range of managers at ANZ.

Networking opportunities - You'll get the chance to network with a range of senior managers and executives. Not only does this give you the chance to form a rich personal network across the bank, but you'll be able to learn from a range of senior ANZ people.

How does the ANZ Graduate Program work?

When you apply for the ANZ Graduate Program, you preference a specific program stream. Depending on a number of aspects, such as where you wish to undertake the program and where your interest lies, you can apply to one of the following:

Bear in mind that all program streams are not available in every location. In addition, your qualifications will influence which streams may best suit you but for the most part shouldn't limit your choices.

To find the program stream that suits you, take a look at Find your pathway at ANZ.

The ANZ Graduate Program 2014 goes for 18 or 24 months, depending on the program stream. You'll do rotations within the program stream you join. Typically you'll do three six-month rotations, but this also depends on the stream.

Why rotations?

The rotation structure allows us to give our graduates a wide range of experiences. This provides the chance to get a clearer idea of where you can take your career. Each rotation will introduce you to new ANZ products, people and policies. Plus you'll be given plenty of opportunities to network and learn from different experts.

By giving you exposure to different roles and letting you experience multiple aspects of ANZ, you'll gain a better idea of how you might wish to shape your future at ANZ.