Career as an ANZ Generalist Banker

During the initial two year rotational phase of the program ANZ Generalist Bankers will hold entry level management roles in a broad range of areas, providing experiences such as leading an Operations team, working in Product teams, managing a branch and performing credit reviews.

After completing the two year rotational component, Generalist Bankers will, subject to ongoing performance, be placed in roles that ensure their capability for senior leadership is continually developed. These roles can be based in any of the 34 countries that ANZ currently operates in and participants are expected to remain globally mobile throughout the duration of the program.

Generalist Bankers can expect to remain in roles for between 18 to 36 months depending on the business segment and location of the role placement. Role length can be expected to increase as the Generalist Banker's career progresses.

What can you expect when you start a career as an ANZ Generalist Banker?

During your first two years you can expect your development to be accelerated by:

What will we expect of you when you commit to a career as an ANZ Generalist Banker?

We ask that you:

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