ANZ will not be recruiting an intake of 2017 Generalist Bankers at this point.

Application Process

Stage 1: Online Applications

All applications will be screened to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.

Stage 2: Online Testing

All candidates that meet the eligibility criteria will be invited to complete online assessments.

Stage 3: Video Interview

Successful candidates will be invited to complete a video interview. This will require candidates to respond to several questions, which will assist us in understanding your motivation and interest in the program. To complete a video interview, candidates will require access to a computer, an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone.

Stage 4: Executive Interview and Case Study

Candidates who reach this stage will be interviewed by two senior executives (including one from Human Resources). The interview duration is 3 hours and comprises of a case study and an interview. Executive interviews will be held in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore. Candidates are expected to make their own arrangements to attend interviews in these locations.

Stage 5: Program Director Interview

Candidates who reach this stage will be interviewed by the ANZ Generalist Bankers Program Director.

Stage 6: Executive Committee Interview 

Prior to an offer being made, candidates will meet with a member of ANZ’s Executive Committee, who will provide final endorsement of the candidate's application.

The Executive Committee meetings will be arranged in the same location as the candidate or via Telepresence.

Offers Made

All offers will be made for the Generalist Bankers Program within 2 weeks of the Executive Committee Interview.

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