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What a fantastic tool, I just regret I did not take notice earlier of the powerful potential of this tool. It is easy to set up and to navigate. Best of all, all the accounts are linked which makes it easy overview each entry and it's free.
ANZ MoneyManager helps you create an online personal finance management tool. And as Charles' discovered it's easy to set up and navigate. You can add all your accounts during set up and it's done - it's that easy! From there on in, you can navigate through the range of features like reporting, budgeting and alerts to get the most out it.
This is awesome. Can't believe someone has finally put together something so useful!... beats using other software that I have to manually import/categorise transactions
That's right - there's no manual importing of your transactions! ANZ MoneyManager will update your accounts regularly with all your new transactions and even automatically categorise them so there's no need for manual entry. We'll put them into one of 50 meaningful categories to help you understand where your money is being spent including ATM/Cash withdrawals, credit card payments, groceries, pets, rent, travel or utilities.
Amazing service, for 20 min a month I get a complete and accurate accounting/analysis of my expenses - this is a wonderful benefit and I'm sure all customers would use it if they only knew about it! Well done on a great initiative.
As Steve has discovered the power of ANZ MoneyManager is utilising the reports and analysis. ANZ MoneyManager has a range of reports to help you analyse your spending, expenses and income including Cash flow and Expense Analysis where we help you see where your money is going while the Budget vs. Actual Spending report shows how you're going against your budget goals.