ANZ has engaged a Service Provider to assist in providing ANZ MoneyManager to you. Part of the service provided by the Service Provider includes the ANZ MoneyManager website. This document sets out the privacy measures taken by the Service Provider in relation to the ANZ MoneyManager website. ANZ MoneyManager is committed to safeguarding your privacy.

This Privacy Policy sets forth ANZ MoneyManager's commitment to you to protect the privacy of your personal information that is collected through the ANZ MoneyManager service.

What categories of Personal Information does ANZ MoneyManager collect?
Will I be contacted if I register for the ANZ MoneyManager Service?
Does the ANZ MoneyManager Service use cookies?
Where is my account information stored?
How is my personal information protected and secured?
How frequently do you evaluate your security systems?
What if I need to change the personal information I previously disclosed?
Does the Privacy Policy apply to 3rd party sites accessed by ANZ MoneyManager?
Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding my privacy?
How is Personal Information of former users of ANZ MoneyManager treated?
How will I be informed of changes to the Privacy Policy?